Monday, May 24, 2010

Stupid Sink!

We're remodeling the bathroom, trying to make in look like someplace that's NOT out of a horror show. However, as with most projects, this one has its bumps. We decided to replace the sink with a smaller pedestal. Here's the before sink.

 Not too bad right? with a HUGE exception for that crack.

Then we got this one.... When we got it I thought that it was just covered in dirt.Which is was, but it was also covered in rust. I can't get rid of it! This is the sink CLEAN! I've scrubbed and soaked and scrubbed. NOTHING works. Suggestions?

Update: I found some CLR in one of the cabinets, and throughly doused the sink with it. This was the result.
Although it still has stains, it looks much better. We also picked up some new handles to replace the broken set. We'd just bought this sink and walked into a thrift store and there the were, nestled in a little box. It was meant to be.

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  1. Thanks for following along with my blog, I read this entry and thought maybe sand paper could help, here is a link that talks about using wet and dry sandpaper, or a sand paper with a grit of 600 or more to get rid of rust in a white porcelin sink. Worth a shot. Or this one says to use vinegar and lemon juice. Hope you find something that works.