Thursday, January 27, 2011

Junkyard Bed

We have three bedroom (plus an office)  house and we were originally going to have two guest rooms. However, the floor of the room we were going to have as our bedroom has a sloping floor that we hated. So our smallest room in the house is now our  bedroom and the biggest room is....... MY CLOSET!!!! : D

Unfortunately, I already had bed frames for each of the guest rooms. This one I actually found in junk yard! When I saw it laying there I knew I had to have it. All its pieces were there too!

Update: I found my before picture!

 Yuck. Here it is looking all pretty in our guest room.

It had some dents but hey, it was free and look how awesome. I didn't need it nor did I have a place for it so it got sold on craigslist.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

My new/old table.

This table was bought by my brother's ex for $15. She found a new set later and gave this one to my mom. I had my eye on it but I already had a table.... However, our table was a family heirloom on my husbands side. I wanted to refinish it but, due to the ornately carved legs, I wanted to paint it. He and his family FREAKED out. So, after talking it over with the hubby, we decided to give the table to his mom and I got this one..... and I could paint it!!! : D As is true Chan fashion.... I forgot to take a before shot of the table BEFORE I took it apart.... So here it is.... the bottom at least. And ignore the background.... and Cici....

Cherry colored stain, meet white spray paint.

Geez!!! Ignore the penguin blanket!!! :s

Stripping... ; D

The huge chunk out in the middle.

Then it was this!!!!

Don't worry... That huge chunk missing goes facing the back.


YAY!! We also put in four new tiles in the bathroom where we had cracked ones! I don't have any before pictures but they looked just like the surrounding ones only broken. Here's my hubby working on it. : D

And then the tile.... : D

And then the best part!!!!

All done!!! : D SOOOO much better than the broken ones. and I think it's cute!

Sorry I've been away!

I've been doing stuff I swear! I'll try to post all that I've done up on here. Be gentle on me. Here's first up. But I didn't get and/or finish the projects in the order I post them. My Great Grandma's Antique Dresser. : D It's looked like the first picture for the last twenty years. It's been mine but since I got married I also got the initiative to refinish it. All I did was redo the top. I just rubbed stain all over the rest. I know that's cheating but the curves on this! It wasn't possible. I still have some places to fill in with wood filler but.... I'll get to it.

 The sanding and stripping done just have to stain.

 Oh and obviously I need to refinish the stool. Reupholster I mean.

One more look..... BEFORE

Update: Busy life as usual

Got married in August. : D *super smiley face*