Saturday, March 26, 2011

Some Updates and Our Guest Room

I've updated this  post with a before picture. And this post with an after.

This room used to be my Hubby's room when some of his friends lived with him. Then this happened:
Yup. The roof leaked and caused a piece of sheetrock to fall in. We moved him into another room and this room sat empty. Ish. We fixed the roof and this room became our storage room. Until I moved in. You see, I love stuff. When my husband married me, he also married all my stuff. I have an antique, full size bed frame and matching dresser that are an heirloom. They had to go somewhere. Why not here? Here's the before of the whole room.

Boring bachelor room. 
And after.

 Please ignore the everything stuffed under the bed. I've been doing purging I promise. I'll post a picture of how much I'm getting rid of.
 The T.V. is only in here because my nephew had to watch 'mobies' and the living room was being selfishly hoarded by my hubby.
This was actually the back of a chair but the rest of the chair was beyond repair. This was all I could save. I sprayed painted it teal even though my old camera makes it look blue, and I put a picture hanger on the back. Isn't it cute?

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