Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Here's the bathroom before.... EW!!!

Actually, the mirror is new....ish. I never got a before picture with the old mirror.

And then here's after.... Ah.... 

Ignore the curtain... the hubby took these with the phone and he doesn't care what the background looks like..... : D I LOVE the cabinet at the end of the shower. It creates the perfect storage space for the towels and such. We painted all the walls but the one with the sink. We wallpapered that one. I also painted the ceiling. That ceiling was so nasty. It was covered in mold! I bleached the crap out of it and then painted it with  Kilz and then painted it a hi-gloss white.  I plan to replace that light but the hubby doesn't like doing wiring.... I'll have to convince him to do it.

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