Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My new buffet!!! :D

I had been looking for a buffet I could afford for what seemed like forever! At least, I knew I wanted one when we refinished the one for my Mother in Law, and I've been looking since then. Finally! I found one! :D It took a lot of work though....

We peeled off the entire top veneer, and then sanded the softer underlayment until we hit solid wood! :D 

 Then we sanded the top and stripped the sides and front.

See that small border? I love it!

We hit a snag. If you ever do this know that you MUST sand until your arms fall off! :( 

See those darker spots? Of coarse you do, you're not blind. Or if you are why are you looking at before and afters? Hmmmm... Anyways, those darker areas are where the glue is. The stain soaks into the old glued spots darker than the wood. So we had to strip and sand again. And by now by we I mean mean he, because  that belt sander hates me. I *heart* my little sander. :D

Here's the details of it being sanded. :D (yes that is my favorite smiley)

We bought a dremel tool and etched out the design on the doors. Again, I mean the hubby did this. Thank you, Hubby!

Again we ran into a snag. see that stupidly ugly line of wood filler along the bottom of the top drawer? I hated it. The hubby said it was okay but no.... I *hated* it. 

It's the only thing I saw and still see looking at these pictures... So.... I stripped and sanded and re-filled.

Pre-poly. But SO much better! 

Pardon the clutter. We started a new renovation on >>>>> that wall. I still need to get knobs for the doors but, alas, we are stuck inside due to the two...(well it *has* melted a little)....foot and a half of snow that's outside. We can't get out of the drive way. (we live out in the middle of nowhere and don't have a 4-wheel drive truck) Anyway.. I was thinking the clear glass knobs? Opinions? Oh! I also (thanks to CentsationalGirl) used Brasso to clean the up the original handles. They looked so much better!


  1. Great project. Juts found your blog and I'm excited to see what you do.


  2. Ohhhh ahhhhhh so much work and patience!!! That's my main problem. I tend to lack patience, lol. But wow--- What a GORGEOUS piece. I love the legs etc!!! Can't wait to see the knobs you pick!!! Thanks for following budget blonde. :) I'm following you now too! :))))

  3. Beautiful.. What a great job you did!! Love it