Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sorry I've been away!

I've been doing stuff I swear! I'll try to post all that I've done up on here. Be gentle on me. Here's first up. But I didn't get and/or finish the projects in the order I post them. My Great Grandma's Antique Dresser. : D It's looked like the first picture for the last twenty years. It's been mine but since I got married I also got the initiative to refinish it. All I did was redo the top. I just rubbed stain all over the rest. I know that's cheating but the curves on this! It wasn't possible. I still have some places to fill in with wood filler but.... I'll get to it.

 The sanding and stripping done just have to stain.

 Oh and obviously I need to refinish the stool. Reupholster I mean.

One more look..... BEFORE

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